ITWE Ep017 Gerónimo Rauch

This week we finally release the first ever interview we did for this podcast! Way back in February 2015 this podcast was nothing but an idea and a series of scribblings in notepads. During his run as the Phantom in London, Gerónimo Rauch kindly agreed to be our first ever interviewee. So with out any of our tech sorted we headed to his home, sat in a corner of his bedroom using his own sound equipment and this is the result!

Gerónimo chats to us about his upbringing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his early days performing in musical theatre, winning the Argentinian TV show 'Popstars' and subsequently becoming a huge star in South America with the band MamBrú. From pop star to West End leading man, we hear how a three day run in a concert performance catapulted him to a whole new career in the UK.


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